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celebration of freedom.

The brain also leads me to zoom, to move, to sing.  How about the wonderful celebration of liberty we sing melodies.  Where does the range situation come from as it may be? Where would i be able to get the progress from cloud-lahharars?  I am sitting in agony with you, with me.  I am situated… Read More »

Hua Savera !!!

Hua Savera said chicken  Leave home,  Got him in the manner  Felt potato,  Potatoes sold in hot , Bear staying in bed,  A messed up bunk bear falls,  Presently don’t need bread potatoes.  Hua Savera Chidiya Offer,  Youngsters opened their eyes,  Great children make fun  Mung beans,  Flush and wash the mouth,  Wash your mouth… Read More »

Nobody tells the sun !!!

Nobody tells the sun , Try not to spread incense on here , No one says to the moon , Get the twilight , Nobody calls to the breeze , Be careful why came in , At the point when the cloud lets me know , Kya jaladhara bursai here , At that point why… Read More »