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Fighting Goats and jackle

in the last post we enjoyed the story of jackle and drum. today we comes with another great story. lets start.One day, while a shepherd was going through a jungle, he saw two golden rams fighting each other. Fighting Goats And The Jackal both were wounded and blood sucked out of their heads and bodies,… Read More »

the story of Janardan merchant.

A very effective and successful merchant lived in a town called janardan. A Merchant’s Fall And Rise. The king was conscious of his skills, making him the kingdom’s administrator.With his efficient and intelligent ways, he kept common man very happy, and at the same time he impressed the king on the other side. Such a person,… Read More »


One day a fox in jungle lived. one day fox wandered in jungle and fox become very hungry but not getting food.  He walked out of the jungle in which he resided after some moment, reaching a deserted battlefield.A fight has lately been fought in this deserted battlefield. The combat forces had left behind a… Read More »


Once upon a time there was a merchant employing many carpenters and masons in his garden to construct a temple. They’d begin working regularly in the morning; The Monkey And The Wedge-Panchatantra Story Pictureand take a break for midday meals, and return to job until evening. A group of monkeys arrived at the building site… Read More »


A fox passed through a grapevine twisting around a tree’s components. He saw a lot of hanging grapes above. He jumped a couple of grapes to grab. The grapes for him, however, were unreasonably big.  “You have to develop fox,” said a monkey residing on the tree; “bring some grapes here.” The monkey lifted the… Read More »

awesome kids story of child Macaw Parrots !!

Sometime a lord had gone to visit neighboring kingdoms in the distant past. He was qualified by the ruler of the last country where he was visiting a few baby Macaw Parrots. They were the most outstanding feathered animals that he had ever seen. He asked a feathered creature mentor after returning to his kingdom… Read More »

inspirational story of white elephant !!!

Long ago, at the base of the superb Himalayas, there was a group of eighty thousand elephants. Their pioneer was an eminent and unusual trinket that was an incredibly kind-hearted soul. He significantly cherished his mom who had developed visually impaired and weak and couldn’t pay special mind to herself. This drink would dive deep… Read More »


Birbal’s astuteness was unparalleled during Head Akbar’s rule. Be that as it may, he was incredibly envious of Akbar’s brother by marriage. He asked the Ruler to get rid of the administrations of Birbal and choose him in his location. He gave sufficient confirmation of being more efficient and skilled than Birbal would prove. This… Read More »


Quite a long time ago in a town, there was an elderly person named Jerry. He hadn’t seen his child for couple of years and needed to meet his child who lived in a city. He began his adventure and went to a city where his child used to work and remain. He went to… Read More »